For many years, our company has been manufacturing packaging products of various shapes and sizes – in every respect adapted to the individual expectations of the client. We deal with manufacturing standard and coated packaging, as well as stand designs. Thanks to an advanced and innovative production line, located on over 3000 m, we provide:

The execution of a detailed design

When creating cardboard prototypes, we take advantage of the support of the Adobe and Corel 2 platforms.

Excellent quality prints

It is determined by, among other things, taking advantage of machines using 5 colors, UV varnish, or dispersion.

Precise cutting of cardboard boxes

Guaranteed by modern punching dies allowing for extremely accurate cuts.

Complete automation of production

Possible thanks to the use of modern, dedicated software, supervised by our specialists.

Production process


We are open to any suggestions from our clients - the implementation of even the most unusual ideas is always an ambitious challenge for us.


A properly prepared design is the key to creating functional, durable and aesthetic packaging that is applicable in every industry.


Caring for the needs of our clients, we create packaging prototypes to see if they will meet all the requirements specified in the order.

Implementing the design

During the production of our packaging, we combine knowledge, experience, and modern technological solutions to achieve the best results.

Ready product

The final design of our activities, meaning a high-quality packaging, stands out with its durability, aesthetic look and precision.

Do you have questions concerning our packaging?

We also offer:

Nietypowe opakowania

Unusual packaging

Packaging adapted to the needs of a customer, who can decide about the shape of a cardboard box, its size, color, and type of printing.

Wklejanie okienek

Pasting windows

The service allows for making special, pasted windows, affecting the practical use of the product and its aesthetics.

Pakowanie automatyczne

Automatic packaging

Thanks to an innovative production line, the packaging produced by us can be automatically packed and then quickly delivered to the customer.