As an almost 24-year-old man, starting my independent life and seriously thinking about the future, I noticed how important ecology in our lives is. I began to wonder how I can connect my work with this extremely important trend – even though I’m not an ecologist by profession but an economist.

Nasze początki

In our everyday life, we often deal with packaging – be it plastic or cardboard. Cardboard boxes are one of the most ecologic, because they are made of cardboard which is made of recycled paper. And that’s what made me decide to take the risk and start a company that will produce fully ecological cardboard packaging.

The beginnings, due to my age and lack of experience in the industry, were not easy. I was looking for information on the types of packaging by myself. I learned how corrugated cardboard is produced, what its types are, what its parameters are, and how its type and weight play a huge role. My capital consisted of great faith and the desire to learn and develop, but also courage, because I decided to buy the first machines without any contract on the market. Our first customer was a company producing ball valves, with which we cooperate up to this day.

The first machines were set up in the backyard of my family home and that’s where it all began. After some time, we managed to create a larger customer base – to develop my business I needed more space. Undoubtedly, an important moment for the company was the change of location – I wanted the place to which I would move the company to be close to my place of residence, but also possess an area that will not limit the planned development of the company. Looking for investment areas I came across a plot of land left after an old mineral water bottling plant. The plot is located in Żylice – 3 km from Rawicz, and has a total area of 7 ha. That was it…

Date of establishment: October 15, 2005