Our company’s rich offer includes high-quality cardboard packaging of various sizes and shapes. The excellent quality results from the combination of innovative production solutions and the expertise of our employees. Many years of experience allows us to create not only standard but also unique cardboard models, standing out with the best durability parameters. They are resistant to long-term use as well as mechanical damage. During the automated cardboard production process, we attach great importance to monitoring the humidity level of the used cardboard and its sensory neutrality. Thanks to this, our packaging is completely safe to use and environmentally friendly. To meet the expectations of contemporary clients, we also offer special, long-lasting prints, with their dimensions and colors specified in the order. For printing, we use modern software and machines enabling the production of precise punching dies.

Our offer includes fast and perfect production of:

  • standard packaging (printed up to five colors)
  • shaped packaging (with complex construction forms)
  • coated packaging (with increased durability)
  • stands (intended for product presentation)
  • cardboard lattices (facilitating the protection of small items) carton equipment
  • the offer includes:
  • lattices
  • cardboard spacers
  • dividing walls
  • filling inserts
  • cardboard corners and angles, used for packaging goods on pallets
  • dust jackets additionally protecting the packed products
  • 3- and 5-layer cardboard punch-outs

Standard packaging

Standard boxes are one of the most frequently used types of cardboard boxes - they are used in many industries.

Shaped packaging

Shaped packaging products are distinguished by complex construction forms - they are used as unit packages, used for special purposes.

Coated packaging

Coated packaging, also known as printed packaging, is characterized by a very high quality of workmanship and an exclusive design.

Stand packaging

Stand packaging products are a specific type of products that provide visually attractive presentation of goods in small and large stores.

Carton equipment

Carton equipment, such as lattices or spacers, is used to protect items of various sizes that could move during transport in cardboard boxes.

Do you need unusual cardboard packaging? No problem!