Standard packaging, also referred to as flap packaging, is constantly located at the top of the list of the most popular packaging options. Most often they are made with the use of durable cardboard in gray or white. The thickness of individual types of the raw material depends on the intended use of the selected packaging. During the production of standard packaging, we mainly use E, B, C (three-layer), EB, EE, and BC (five-layer) corrugated cardboard.

Thanks to advanced technological solutions, each flap cardboard box can be completed with universal punched elements, such as convenient handles and openings facilitating moving the packaging. In addition, there is also the possibility of printing on the flap cardboard boxes, which constitutes not only an interesting decorative element, but also serve an important advertising function. Among the available types of prints, we offer logotypes, pictograms, EAN codes, and descriptions in flexographic printing.

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